How many devices can use a subscription simultaneously on?

Every subscription is for a single device connected at a given time. If you want to change the device you are watching TV on, you’ll need to disconnect the previous device first. You can also buy another subscription to watch TV on two devices simultaneously

What’s Internet Protocol Television (IPTV)?

It essentially is receiving television over the internet as data packets, rather than getting it through a cable or satellite. You can learn more about IPTV by clicking here

What resolutions do IPTV support?

Depending on your internet bandwidth, IPTV can deliver HDTV/FHD/4K/3D. If a higher quality  becomes available in future, IPTV can potentially support them as well.

I’m not satisfied with my service, what do I do?

We are sorry to hear that. You can contact our support team and they will try to fix and issues that you might have as quickly as possible. You can also use our 7 days refund policy, just fill up a ticket.

When does my subscription become active?

Every subscription is activated right after you receive the link in your email within 5 hours or less. No part of your subscription is lost while our team is giving you the account.

Can how can I check the quality of your service?

We have currently stopped giving trial accounts due to abuses and spamming issue. To check the quality of our service, you can start with a premium plan, and you can always use our 7-days money back guarantee